Some more reading about power

Some of the many interesting – and readable – resources to look at include:

The Power Cube – which explores forms of power, the spaces that power operates in and levels of power. It also provides resources to map power and spaces for change, and to check organisations’ strengths and weaknesses around power.

Power and Making Change Happen – (CarnegieUK Trust) – which looks at power from different perspectives, in terms of: the internal practices of an organisation, external structures and institutions which shape social issues, decision-making processes and outcomes.

Power and Social Change

Making Change Happen – a broad look at power with a useful matrix on p13

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This is a ‘pick up and think’ resource. It’s an explanation and exploration of where ‘changes’ is coming from in our work around community development, community empowerment and community influence. It brings together 15+ years of our experience – and many more from those who have inspired us – into something which we find helpful in our quest to interpret the world around us and the complexity of the power relationships between people and organisations.