Community Development

Some more reading about community development

ACW Talking Point – 2005 – offers an interesting history of community development in the U
Budapest Declaration – 2004 – 33 European countries look at: Building European civil society through community development

Charter for Community Development & Health – 2014
Community Development Handbook (Canada) – 1999 – it may be old but this handbook is great!
Independent Expert Panel on Community Development – 2010 – a look at the challenges facing community development at this historic moment of change, challenge and opportunity
Mae Shaw Transcript from conference 2005

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This is a ‘pick up and think’ resource. It’s an explanation and exploration of where ‘changes’ is coming from in our work around community development, community empowerment and community influence. It brings together 15+ years of our experience – and many more from those who have inspired us – into something which we find helpful in our quest to interpret the world around us and the complexity of the power relationships between people and organisations.